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Do what Peter Greenberg says and plan your vacation in Cody!

April 25th, 2014 by Park County Travel Council | Be the first to comment!

Last Saturday I was up early, got myself nice and caffeinated, found my grandmother’s recipe for extra-strength borax cleaner, mixed up a batch, donned my industrial rubber gloves, zeroed in on the dust bunnies accumulating under the kitchen table, turned the TV to CBS This Morning Saturday, turned back to the dust bunnies and stopped in my tracks. Because right then, I heard CBS travel expert Peter Greenberg recommend a vacation in Cody as a place to spend your tax return.

The dust bunnies could wait. Peter knows a little something about Cody. He was here a few months ago to do a Peter Greenberg Worldwide radio program, and he talked with several of our local experts on the history and offerings in our town. He called Cody “a place where the wild West still lives,” and he talked about many of our unique attractions like the Cody Nite Rodeo and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Buffalo Bill astride his horse

The Scout statue: Buffalo Bill astride his horse – outside the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Now, Peter has been all over the world, and his credentials as a travel reporter are as long and impressive as the list of free and moderately priced activities in Cody. I think our little town, which he called a “true frontier” has gotten under his skin.

Well I for one plan to do exactly what he says. My tax return is modest this year, but I know already what I’m going to do with it. First, I’m going to renew my membership for the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center. And then I’m going to buy myself a new hat from one of the shops on Sheridan Avenue. And then I’m going to treat myself to a nice big steak dinner and night of dancing.

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center – where 14,000 Japanese Americans were interned during WWII.

If you’d like to see Peter Greenberg talk about a tax return-funded trip to Cody, watch it below. And then post a comment here and tell me how you intend to spend your tax return.

In the meantime, I’m afraid the dust bunnies are still waiting. So this weekend I’m going to get up early, get myself nice and caffeinated, mix up a batch of extra-strength borax cleaner and finally spring into the cleaning. And to make sure I don’t get distracted, I won’t be turning on the television.

Cody’s Real West – cowboys ride horses for work, not just a hobby.

Cody’s Real West – cowboys ride horses for work, not just a hobby.

Until next time, I’ll be trapping dust bunnies in Cody, Wyoming!

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