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Halloween in Cody/Yellowstone Country Still has that Small Town Appeal

October 31st, 2014 by Park County Travel Council | Be the first to comment!

One of the best parts about living in a small town like Cody is that we celebrate events like Halloween without going over the top. We know all of the kids – big and small – will show up on mainstreet to trick or treat at downtown businesses. Someone usually throws a family or grownup party, and the emphasis is on fun instead of trying to scare each other.

Even grown-ups enjoy being someone else for a day!

Even grown-ups enjoy being someone else for a day!

Don’t tell the people who run the supposed haunted hotels in town, but I don’t believe in ghosts. I’ve heard the stories about Buffalo Bill still being spotted at the Irma with a cigar in his mouth, cleaning his pistol or hanging out in his favorite room.

The only thing that scares me about The Irma Hotel  is running out of prime rib some Saturday night, but I don’t worry about its supernatural guests.

With Halloween on a Friday this year, it is going to be fun in Cody. Early evening will be devoted to going downtown and seeing the pageant of trick-or-treaters strolling the sidewalks with their bags of candy. A few may come by my house.  Of course, early this week I bought two bags of candy that has been magically disappearing. Maybe I should believe in ghosts. Who else would be responsible?

Pets even get in spirit of Halloween.

Pets even get in spirit of Halloween.

Later I plan to head over to a Halloween party for the grownups. My friend, Tim, and his wife are hosting a small gathering. Tim is dressing up like a fly fisherman since he already has the clothes.

I haven’t decided yet what my costume will be. Since superheroes seem to be popular these days, I was thinking about going as Wonder Woman. It seems like zombies are everywhere, and those costumes are pretty easy to create. Just a little makeup and you can be a zombie football player, or zombie cowboy or zombie mountain man.

Local organizations help downtown merchants hand out candy.

Local organizations help downtown merchants hand out candy.

Time is running out, however, so I will probably dig into that box in the basement and put together a witch’s costume. I always have good intentions but I am just not that creative.

And, frankly, whatever I decide I know that Halloween in Cody will be scary fun.

Until next week, I am lovin’ life – and avoiding zombies – in Cody Wyo.

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