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Musings on the 2015 Cody Stampede

July 10th, 2015 by Park County Travel Council | Be the first to comment!

The 2015 Cody Stampede is in the history books, and before I focus on the second half of the summer (don’t even think about arguing with me that summer just started June 21) I want to share a few observations.

It always seems there are cowboys competing who are named Cody. Don’t believe me? Look it up. I saw five just in the final standings. You won’t find too many Clevelands or Bostons.

The action never stops at the four Cody Stampede Rodeo performances

The action never stops at the four Cody Stampede Rodeo performances.

Some other great Western first names were Cimarron, Shane and Levi. There was even a guy named Jesse James. My favorite, however, was Clayton Moore who won the steer wrestling competition. And he did it without any help from a trusted sidekick named Tonto.

When the second Cody Stampede board member walked past me wearing a pink shirt, I wondered what was happening. Turns out on July 2, they along with the Cowboy Up Drill Team and several spectators were “Tough Enough To Wear Pink” making a statement in support of breast cancer research. Well played, all of you. I tip my 10-gallon hat in your direction.

Opening Ceremonies of the Cody Stampede Rodeo

Opening Ceremonies of the Cody Stampede Rodeo.

The Stampede paid out almost $350,000 in prize money.

Downtown Cody was absolutely electric each night after the rodeo lights were turned off. Like many folks, it takes me a few hours to unwind. Our late-night establishments were up to the task.

The famous Clydesdale horses

The famous Clydesdale horses strutted the parade route.

I love a parade, and judging by the crowds on Friday and Saturday, a lot of other people do, too. I chatted up some New Yorkers who couldn’t get enough of our small town approach. They invited me to join them in the Big Apple when they honor our U.S. women’s soccer team with a ticker tape parade to celebrate the World Cup win. Anyone want to share the driving?

Did you see the Wyoming All-State Marching Band? Teenagers from all over the state paid their own way to camp and became a band. They made their debut in our parade and will perform again at Frontier Days in a couple of weeks. They will then represent our state at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif. on New Year’s Day.

The Wyoming All-State Band

The Wyoming All-State Band will be in the Rose Bowl Parade.

I did not participate in the Runner’s Stampede, but some 300 people ran the 5K and 10K races Saturday in the early morning heat. Sorry, I could not find my running boots.

The whole long weekend is now a cherished memory that ranks up there with so many others here in Cody. I am truly looking forward to the rest of the summer and meeting new people from all over the U.S. and countless other countries.

Until next week, I am lovin’ life in the Rodeo Capital of the World.



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