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July 29th, 2011 by Park County Travel Council | Be the first to comment!

I’m not really much of an athlete.  I’ve never really LIKED to exercise at all…  But a few years ago I discovered (the hard way) that being active is essential to my health and well-being, so now, I exercise!

One of the things that I have discovered that I really like to do is to participate in 5k races.  I’m not fast, I usually finish in the last third of the pack, but I do finish!  And for me, the most fun is not the actual running of the race, but the social aspects of the event, and the sense of accomplishment I feel when the race is over.

Another neat by-product of running a 5k around here is the incredible scenery that you’re surrounded by as you run!  When I participated in the Runner’s Stampede on July 4, the route took us to Beck Lake, which is a pretty park on the east side of Cody that affords a great view of Cedar and Rattlesnake mountains to the west.  Even MORE incredible was the setting for the Meeteetse Wagon Box Social 5k/10k/13k in June – that race was in the Wood River valley near Meeteetse, and was absolutely breathtaking!  (The scenery AS WELL AS the running part…)

I have always thought that building a vacation around a race would be a neat experience, and I know there are folks out there who do just that!  So in case YOU’RE that kind of runner, I’ve compiled a list of upcoming races in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country (and nearby areas) that you might want to consider:

Just next weekend (August 6 & 7), in neighboring Red Lodge, Montana (just 60 miles away) is the Beartooth Run and Ride – a two day event set in the beautiful Beartooth Range.

August 20th is the Sugar Beet Classic in Powell – this race features a 5k run/walk, a Duathlon and a Triathlon!  The event starts and ends at Homesteader Park, and the iconic Heart Mountain is visible throughout the race.

The Tails and Trails 5k is a relatively new event that takes participants from West Park Hospital in Cody down to the Paul Stock trails next to the Shoshone River (the “trails” part of the race).  The “tails” part of the race refers to the fact that dog owners are encouraged to take their pets along – plus, the race is hosted jointly by West Park Hospital and the Park County Animal Shelter.

Meeteetse’s Labor Day Celebration is a HUGE event in this area, and extreme sports and running enthusiasts look forward to the Meeteetse Mountain Run, which is part of that annual event.  This race is EXTREME – I’m quoting from the Meeteetse Rec District’s web page here:  “The 5k, 10k race will run up the Timber Creek jeep trail which will be set up so the whole family will be able to participate. The 15k mountain run is an extreme race and not for the faint of heart. It continues up and around the mountain with a 2000′ rise in altitude to around 9700′, then through some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in all the Rocky Mountains. It concludes with a descent down a 1000′ mountain face. According to local mountain running legend Fred Thomas and other participants from past races, it is one of the most RADICAL FINISHES around with the makings of a classic!”  In other words, with my level of ability, I’m probably NOT going to participate in this one!

So if you love the outdoors and you love being active, consider participating in one of these fabulous events – and maybe I’ll see you there!

Until next time, I’ll be huffin’ and puffin’ in Buffalo Bill’s Country…

Corrie N. Cody

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