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Park County Travel Council Executive Director

The Park County Travel Council Executive Director shall coordinate and oversee the business of administering the Park County 4% Lodging Tax. The Executive Director shall guide the Park County Travel Council in adhering to the rules outlined in the Wyoming Lodging Tax Manual. The Director is responsible for marketing Park County as a travel destination and as such develop and implement the PCTC Unified Marketing Plan and budget, the Administrative budget and oversee the Marketing Grants budget.

The Executive Director is directed by and answers to the Park County Travel Council and is otherwise employed by the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce as stated in the PCTC/Cody Chamber Marketing Agreement. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities and duties. The Executive Director may be required to perform other functions as directed or approved by the Park County Travel Council.

Apply Now

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  • Market Cody Yellowstone as a tourism destination and as such will include Meeteetse, Powell and East Yellowstone Valley as second-tier destinations.
  • Develop, write and implement the Cody Yellowstone Marketing Plan and in this capacity as such shall coordinate special cooperative advertising, projects and events.
  • Oversee the design and production of marketing materials, print/social media/digital campaigns and promotional projects.
  • Coordinate and escort if necessary, Wyoming Office of Tourism, Rocky Mountain International and Meserau Travel Public Relations media tours, travel industry tours and special marketing projects.
  • Work closely with Xanterra Parks & Resorts of Yellowstone National Park in the coordination of any familiarization or press tours for influencers, journalists/photographers, travel industry representatives, and convention/meeting representatives.
  • Develop or oversee the development of Cody Yellowstone marketing tools – website, print and digital ads, video, brochures, commercials, social media, group tour manuals, press releases, vacation planner, monthly electronic newsletter, etc.
  • Assist when needed in the development of promotional materials for Powell, Meeteetse, Cody and East Yellowstone.
  • Place or oversee the placement of all international, national and regional advertising in consumer magazines, travel guides, industry publications, newspapers, social media and television.
  • Prepare written monthly report of PCTC marketing and administrative activity.
  • Work closely with recipients of PCTC grants in approving content and design of promotional materials, approving advertising schedules and verifying expenditures.
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Networking / Education

  • Represent PCTC, Cody Yellowstone and Cody at various functions, events and meetings as required.
  • Organize such programs and seminars as are necessary to properly educate local businesses about tourism trends, marketing, packaging, etc.
  • Represent PCTC, Cody Yellowstone, and/or Cody at the various state/regional meetings and conferences, and trade/travel shows.
  • Attend various local and statewide industry meetings, such as the Governor’s Hospitality & Tourism Conference, Cody/Yellowstone Airline Improvement Resources (CYAIR), and Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition (WTIC).
  • Attend as many Cody Country Chamber functions and meetings as possible, such as Founder’s Day Banquet, Cody Club, and Board of Directors Meetings.

Financial Management

  • Responsible for preparing the Cody Yellowstone (CY) Unified budget and the PCTC Grants and Administrative budgets.
  • Responsible for preparation of finances for auditor to conduct annual financial audit of PCTC accounts, investments and procedures.
  • Work with contracted bookkeeper to complete all required reports to the Wyoming Department of Revenue and Audit.
  • Responsible for preparing the monthly Unified Plan and Administrative bills and all grant Request for Payments, entering, coding and printing checks, transferring funds, securing signatures and processing and mailing payables.
  • Work with contracted bookkeeper in reconciling PCTC accounts monthly and monitor fiscal year expenses and income with the PCTC Board, Treasurer and bookkeeper.
  • Develop, publish and oversee countywide distribution of the PCTC FY Annual Report
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PCTC Administration

  • Ensure compliance with the Joint Powers Agreement, Board Bylaws and Wyoming Open Meetings Law as outlined in the Wyoming Lodging Tax Manual.
  • Understand Wyoming Lodging Tax law and Park County monthly lodging tax collection reports generated by Department of Revenue.
  • Coordinate PCTC monthly board meetings, retreat and budget work sessions as well as identifying and preparing materials needed for such meetings/sessions.
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Other Duties

  • Monitor inquiries, admissions, visitor numbers as well as local, regional and national travel trends.
  • Complete any additional projects as assigned by PCTC.
  • Delegate tasks and work with PCTC Administrative Assistant.
  • Evaluate Administrative Assistant.
  • Return all Cody Chamber property in good condition at end of employment.

Hiring Timeline

January & February – accept applications & resumes

March – Week 1 & 2, Review applications & resumes – make first-round cuts. Week 3 & 4, Set up virtual interviews, conduct interviews, reference checks, make second round cuts

April – In-person interviews of candidates, final decision, offer position

May – Candidate arrives in Cody

June – New Executive Director works in PCTC office with current Executive Director, local onboarding with industry partners, etc.

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