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Cody, Rodeo Capital of the World!

April 10th, 2013 by Park County Travel Council | Be the first to comment!

I have grown up around cowboys and rodeo my whole life.  My father made a living as a bull rider in his younger days.  There were always cowboys around our house.  I would wake up and mom would be fixing breakfast for dad and his rodeo buddies.

man riding bullThere’s still nothing I like better than to be in those rodeo stands, hotdog in one hand, cold drink in the other, and cheering on those tough cowboys and cowgirls.  When I say tough, I mean tough!  I can’t imagine climbing on to back of one of those bucking bulls or broncs.  I hold my breath, watching, hoping those cowboys stay on for eight seconds.  I get chills when those huge bulls come at them or those kicking horses hooves get close when the ride is done.

Then there’s the steer wrestling.  Cowboys jumping off their horse and grabbing the horns of a running steer to wrestle it to the ground.  I wonder how many pair of boots they go through in a season, digging their heels in to the dirt to bring them to a stop.

I watch in awe as steers, calves and even goats are roped from the back of a running horse.  I’ve never seen hands move so fast as they tie those animals for the quickest time.cowgirl racing around barrel on horse

And what about the cowgirls?  Galloping full speed on the back of a horse around three barrels in a figure eight pattern and bringing that horse home as fast as it can run!  I love cheering those girls on and imagining what it would be like if it were me down in that arena.

Lucky for me, I live in Cody, where I get to see rodeos all summer long.  Cody is the “Rodeo Capital of the World” with a nightly rodeo starting June 1st and going all summer through August 31st.  The Cody Nite Rodeo is the longest running nightly rodeo in the country!

Cody Nite Rodeo LogoIf you haven’t had the chance yet, come to Cody and help me cheer on those cowboys and cowgirls at the Cody Nite Rodeo.  It’s a thrill you won’t want to miss!

Until next time, I’m shining up my new boots and gettin’ ready to cheer here in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country!

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