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Norseman Designs West

The craftsmen of Norseman Designs West have been building furniture for over 48 years. For the past 27 years they have specialized in the Molesworth style and other custom western furniture.

Before moving to Cody, John Gallis was Bloomingdales’ chief high end cabinetmaker for over 14 years. He has built Molesworth reproduction works for many sales companies and designers, all while perfecting their own unique style changes and incorporating the use of walnut and juniper accents.
Their furniture virtual portfolio features only a sampling of the custom rustic and Molesworth style they have made for clients in the past. The selected pieces illustrate the skill and creativity honed over many years.

Ian Gallis has been working with his father for 24 years but has been employed at Norseman Designs West for 17 years. Ian brings his own vision and talent to Norseman Designs West that will continue the legacy of high-end custom western furniture and Molesworth style for many years to come.
John and Ian will work with you to formalize any design, including those as simple as a sketch on the back of a napkin. Don’t feel limited by the designs we’ve already created, although similar pieces can be made for you. Custom pieces can also be fashioned to celebrate your unique sense of rustic western style.

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