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Sitti’s Table

After 5 years of private catering and community events, Jake Scott and Porter Koury’s catering business gained quite the public following which helped plant the idea of a brick in mortar that grew into Sitti’s Table–or something like that.

“We loved making whatever we were passionate about and felt like doing, always rooted in French technique but with new and different ingredients and approaches,”Jake said.

“There was a point where the idea of my grandmother’s table and the explosion of freshness in her light and healthy food made us want to share a vibrant version of that with the community,” Porter said.

The two opened Sitti’s Table (“sitti” is Lebanese for “grandmother”) in May 2022, starting with two tables and a small display refrigerator offering a few grab-and-go food and beverage options. Since then, it has become a community favorite.

In the words of Marie Koury in her Shallow ford Cookbook, Volume I, their efforts are always:“Dedicated to all who are fascinated by the charm of a new and unique recipe; to all devoted to preparing food and eating it in joy and fellowship.”

Sittis Table
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