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It seems as though everyone has a “bucket list” these days. You know, the list of everything you want to do and see before you die. It is all about experiences. That’s why bucket list vacations can be so great! Usually you can usually plan a trip that incorporates several items. That’s why Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country is so perfect, it is all about seeing and doing!

Bucket List

If visiting Yellowstone National Park is not on your list, it should be!  Visitors come from all over the world to visit the nation’s first national park. Yellowstone is home to the largest concentrations of geysers and geothermal features in the world. Cross Old Faithful off your list.  Wildlife viewing is also a major attraction in the Park. Wolves, grizzly bears, and bison are just a few of the animals you may see.  Cross seeing these animals in the wild off your list.  If hiking in the Rocky Mountains is on your list, you can also check that one off by taking a great hike in Yellowstone. There are terrific hiking trails for all skill levels. You may have other experiences on your bucket list that can be done in Yellowstone. No matter what, everyone should visit Yellowstone National Park during their lifetime!

Bucket List 1

Maybe visiting a dude ranch is on your list. There are several dude and guest ranches in Cody/Yellowstone Country.  These ranches are located in amazing mountain settings and are staffed with folks ready to treat you to genuine western hospitality. Ranch vacations offer all-inclusive packages that give you a lot of activities to choose from and can be much more affordable than doing the activities on your own. Ranches offer horseback riding, fishing, shooting, hiking and much more.  Some allow you to participate in the ranch chores so if being a cowboy or cowgirl was always your dream, this might be the trip for you.

Bucket List 2

Have you ever been to a Rodeo?  Cody is the “Rodeo Capital of the World” and the Cody Nite Rodeo is the longest running nightly rodeo in the country. From June 1 to August 31st, there is a rodeo in Cody every night. Cowboys and cowgirls from all over the west come to Cody to compete. It is said that every major rodeo star has spent time in Cody!  Rodeo events include bronc riding to bull riding and team roping to barrel racing. It may surprise you that adults and kids compete at the rodeo! Kids in the audience even have the opportunity to participate in a “calf scramble” where they get to chase a calf around the arena trying to get a ribbon off the calf’s tail. It is great fun!

Bucket List 3

Most people have never stood on the range and observed a herd of wild mustang horses. What a unique experience! Cody has a herd of wild mustangs just outside of town. You can take a tour with a guide or venture out to the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Management Area on your own.  If you choose a tour, your guide will take you to areas where the horses typically hang out. Your guide will talk about the history of the herd and will know about particular horses. It is an informative tour and really cool!  No matter how you experience the horse, you will be fascinated watching the horses in their natural habitat.

Bucket List 4

These are just a few options. There is so much more to see and do in Cody/Yellowstone Country. There should be at least one bucket list item on everybody’s list here! I am sure there are other bucket list items that could be checked off as you travel to Cody/Yellowstone Country. With a little creativity, a trip to the area could include a bunch of items!

Bucket List 5

Until next time, I’ll be lovin life in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country!