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This morning as I was sitting in my favorite Cody coffee shop biding my time until my next guests’ flight arrived, I was expecting to see a parade of stressed-out shoppers getting in line to latte-up before heading back out to cross the next thing off their list. Didn’t happen. Sure, the tables were full and the line was long, but the smiles on the faces of the java-lovers were genuine and easy, not at all like that Grinch-like toothy, forced smile that we all use when we’re trying too hard.

And those quick, easy smiles illustrated my thoughts. In Cody, Wyoming, living, celebrating, visiting, touring and learning is easy. It’s the way we do things in Yellowstone Country.

Cody, Wyoming WIshes you a Merry - and Easy - Christmas

It’s as easy as having our small, efficient airport just five minutes from town. As easy as having a wide range of hotels and guest ranches with friendly staff and rooms for any budget. As easy as shopping in our small, friendly, well-stocked shops and not having to worry about parking and crowds. As easy as being welcomed to join our year-round festivals and events and not being made to feel like a stranger.

Cody, Wyoming WIshes you a Merry - and Easy - Christmas 1

Like most of my friends, I live and work in Cody by choice. And even though I’m a native of Wyoming, my friends who aren’t tell me it is easy to feel like one. Wherever you choose to live and work, I send to you my sincere wish that your holiday will be easy. And I hope that when you come to Yellowstone Country – next year or anytime – that your travels will be easy and your experience will be rich.

Until next time, I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas!