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Part of my spring cleaning has always been to go through the mail bag that my local Pony Express
rider drops off on my front porch and finally get around to answering those questions that some
people think only I can answer.

Okay, it’s actually the inbox for my e-mail, but you get the picture, don’t you? Just think of me as Ann
Landers, without a twin sister.

Anyway, here goes:

Dear Corrie, My husband and I are having a disagreement about where to go for vacation this
summer. I like to visit new places, take my time learning about the area, meet the locals and get in
some moderate exercise every day. He, on the other hand, wants to go find a place where he can sit
by the pool, drink cold beverages, play Dungeons and Dragons online and catch up on Janet Evanovich

Do you think Cody would fit the bill?

– Not Stephanie Plum

Dear Not Stephanie,

I know opposites attract, but this is a little extreme.

While we certainly have plenty of pools, book stores, wi-fi and our fair share of cold beverages, I think
you should drop your husband off at his mother’s house and spend a week on the Great American
Adventure with me.

Dear Corrie, I find baby bison to be the cutest animals in the world. Do you think the National Park
Service would mind if I snuck one out of Yellowstone? Daddy says if I can get in the back of the
Escalade I can keep it.

– Princess Everydayoftheweek

Dear Corrie

Do not try to take a baby bison home with you.

Dear Princess,

Not only will the rangers be unhappy, the bison’s mother might object. And if you’ve ever seen a
1,500-pound animal jump seven feet in the air and run 30 miles per hour you’ll take my advice and
stay 50 yards away from the bison. I know Park Service says 25, but you strike me as a special case
and should double it.

Dear Corrie 1

Michael Martin Murphey…

Dear Corrie, My wife is a big fan of Michael Martin Murphey while I’m very much of a Marty Robbins
guy. We are heading your way in June, and we will have plenty of time to listen to listen to our
favorite cowboy musician in the car. Which “Martin” should receive priority?

– Trusting Your Decision

Dear Corrie 2

…or Marty Robbins

Dear Trusting,

Dan “Martin” Miller, of course.

Dear Corrie, My girlfriend and I have an order of Rocky Mountain Oysters from the Proud Cut Saloon
& Steak House riding on a bet, and you can settle it. I say that the term “Dude” came from the surfers
here in Southern California while she says it originated in your part of the country. Who’s right?

– Surfin’ USA

Dear Surfin’,

Pay up, man. Your girlfriend wins our favorite local delicacy. Ranchers right here in Northwest
Wyoming coined the term “Dude” in the late 1800s to describe Easterners who paid to come out west
and work on ranches during their vacations. Thus, the term “Dude Ranch.” Today, we feature dude
and guest ranches all over Cody Yellowstone Country.

Dear Corrie 3

It’s a western term, dude.

The differences between dude ranches and guest ranches are that dude ranches require a minimum
stay, usually four nights to a week, and all activities, meals and lodging are included in a fixed price
which requires a deposit in advance. A guest ranch on the other hand offers the same type of lodging
and activities but travelers can stay just one night with meals and horseback riding optional. Lodging,
meals and activities are priced separately and paid for at the end of the stay.

Until next week, I am lovin’ life – and dispensing sage advice – here in Cody Yellowstone Country.