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When fall comes to Cody Yellowstone, the region is transformed from a family vacation hot spot to an adventure-rich adult haven that is unlike anywhere else in the world. This is the time of year when I spend more time savoring my favorite Cody Yellowstone adventures. Here are four of them.

Elk in the Field

Watching elk and other animals in the wild is another favorite fall pastime.

Wildlife-watching. Although I enjoy wildlife watching year-round, it is an especially thrilling adventure in the fall when the elk are bugling. Fall is mating season, and elk take their procreation duties seriously. Like the Instagramming humans who observe them, elk like to “share” their experiences too – by bugling about them. The shrill, ancient sound made by a male elk in rut reminds me in a goose bump-inducing way that this region is still one of the wildest places on Earth. 

A landscape shot of a mountain from the riverbed

Cody Yellowstone is especially fun to explore by foot.

Hiking. Yellowstone National Park is full of epic hiking trails ranging from easy strolls to heart-pounding climbs. No matter what kind of hike I’m up for, I find that hiking in Yellowstone is especially enjoyable when there are fewer people and cooler temperatures. I booked a room for a night at the Canyon Lodge & Cabins, and I am planning to get up early and tackle one of the park’s more difficult day hikes – the hike to Mount Washburn. It’s a six-mile round-trip hike with switchbacks all the way up the mountain and fantastic views along the way. 

Fishing. The fall season is one of the best times of the year to catch brown trout, and there are numerous streams and rivers in Cody Yellowstone where you can spend a quiet, happy day casting and enjoying the scenery. I plan to schedule a day trip with one of Cody’s fly-fishing outfitters so I can work with an expert guide to improve my casting techniques.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Corrie likes to spend cool fall days exploring Cody Yellowstone’s museums.

Museum-hopping. I’m a nut for our major museums like Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Heart Mountain WWII Interpretive Center and the new By Western Hands Gallery & Museum. Although I explore Cody’s museums every month of the year, I find it especially appealing in the fall, when the temperature turns cooler. With this year’s addition of By Western Hands and the renovation of the Cody Firearms Museum at the Center of the West, I’m sure I’ll have no problem filling the hours on that first chilly afternoon. 

Until next time, I’m loving life and getting out my autumn clothes here in Cody Yellowstone.