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As the seasons are changing and spring is in full bloom, I am excited to get the camera out and capture the new life that is emerging. I am fortunate to live in an area that is so spectacular and has so much to photograph. Whether you are a professional or just want to capture photos from your vacation, Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country is a photographer’s dream.

Photography in Cody/Yellowstone Country

One of the most photographed places in the world is Yellowstone National Park. Once you have visited the Park, you understand. You will want to capture the beauty to take home with you.  The Park landscapes and geological features will be on your photo list. There are also great spots to take a family photo that would be great for your Christmas card!  Don’t forget the wildlife. You will want to photograph every animal you see. Be sure you do so safely, most of the time from your car. Remember there are regulations on how close you can be to wildlife.

Photography in Cody/Yellowstone Country 1

A drive from Cody to the East entrance of Yellowstone is also a great opportunity to take some wildlife and scenic shots. The drive will take you past the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, into the Wapiti Valley and along the North Fork of the Shoshone River. Expect to see bison, big horn sheep, moose, elk, deer, grizzly bears, a variety of birds and maybe even some otters. The Wapiti Valley is surrounded by volcanic rock outcroppings and mountains.

Photography in Cody/Yellowstone Country 2

If ghost towns are your thing, you might want to take a drive just outside of Meeteetse up the Wood River.  This is a scenic 4×4 drive that is only accessible from July to September. The ghost town of Kirwin is located up this road. Gold was discovered in Kirwin in 1885. By 1887, the town had a population of 200 and 38 buildings. Unfortunately, the quality of the gold was low. Due to extreme snows, the town became a ghost town by 1908. People left the town abruptly and left many of their belongings there. Today there are several buildings still standing and remnants of the mine. A photographic visit to Kirwin provides a great glimpse into our mining past.

Photography in Cody/Yellowstone Country 3

You probably are not aware that a significant piece of WWII history is located between Cody and Powell. Heart Mountain Interpretive Center is the site where more than 14,000 Japanese Americans were confined during the war. The Center captures this tragic yet important part of American history with photographs, artifacts and interactive exhibits. There is a memorial walking trail around the site that takes visitors around the remaining buildings. There are great opportunities for historical photographs on the walk in addition to the views of the Heart Mountain peak and the surrounding valley.

Photography in Cody/Yellowstone Country 4

Do you want your Yellowstone vacation photos to be different? Take a scenic flight tour of the area from the Cody Airport. On these flights, you will see Yellowstone National Park, Sunlight Basin and the Big Horn Mountains.  Why not get photographs of your vacation from a larger perspective!

Photography in Cody/Yellowstone Country 5

Whatever the reason you are visiting Cody/Yellowstone Country, be sure to bring your camera! You will not run out of things to photograph.


Until next time, I’m snapping pictures in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country!