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Fall is the perfect time of year to explore the wonders of Cody Yellowstone. The landscape transforms into a stunning canvas of reds, oranges, and yellows as the leaves change color. It’s peaceful, the weather can be wonderful, accommodations are easy to secure, and there are still plenty of things to do.

In fact, it should come as no surprise that one of the top 10 Best Places to Visit in the Fall ushers in some genuinely unforgettable experiences for everyone — no matter what type of traveler you are!

For the Nature Lover

An Elk in the natural surroundings of Cody Yellowstone

For autumnal wildlife watching and spectacular scenery, Cody Yellowstone is like a nature lover’s dream come true. See Yellowstone National Park’s awe-inspiring valleys, mountains, lakes and rivers, and the waterfall that inspired the creation of the world’s first national park 151 years ago. Top tip: By entering the park via the East Gate and exiting the Northeast Gate to return to Cody, you can experience much of the 2.2 million-acre Park’s most famous sights and landmarks, all in one day.

If elk are on your must-see checklist, Yellowstone National Park is also the place to be. Here, male elk will spend most of the season courting female mates, especially in the Mammoth Hot Springs region. And while you’re interested in seeing them, you might just hear them first. That’s because their shrill bugling — which warns rivals and potential mates alike of their intentions — is hard to ignore.

Additionally, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is known for its grizzly and black bear populations. As winter approaches, these species kick their caloric intake into high gear as they prepare for hibernation. That means opportunities to spot bruins as they fatten up for the season — and be on the lookout for bison, wolves, moose, bighorn sheep, and eagles!

For the Cultural Connoisseur

Visitors stand on a giant map in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

With a fascinating culture, famous history, and spectacular setting, the Cody Yellowstone region has long-attracted cultural connoisseurs, budding historians, and artists eager to capture its gorgeous landscapes. So when you visit Cody Yellowstone, be sure to carve out some time to visit our award-winning cultural sites, museums, and galleries.

One of the best ways to start the day is to visit the must-see Buffalo Bill Center of the West, home to five separate world-class museums: the Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody Firearms Museum, Whitney Western Art Museum, Plains Indian Museum, and the Draper Natural History Museum. Another stand-out is By Western Hands, a combination museum, gallery, and boutique art shop offering some of the best locally made wares to bring a piece of Cody home with you.

For the Outdoor Recreation Enthusiast

Two men hiking in Cody Yellowstone

When they say “Take a hike” in Cody Yellowstone, it’s actually a good thing! So much of the fall season and Cody Yellowstone’s natural beauty can be appreciated along its scenic hiking trailsWith Wyoming having the third most trails out of any state in the country, there are countless ways to hike throughout the region, ranging from challenging treks to laid-back strolls.

Local favorites include the Bluebird Trail, about five miles from town, or head out to the Cedar Mountain Trail, which begins with a strenuous uphill climb that gives way to stunning views from the summit. For more even and predictable terrain (without sacrificing the views), try the Prickly Pear Trai l— a paved walking path that circles two lakes.

A man fishing in a river in Cody Yellowstone

If you want to tackle some trout fishing this fall, there are lots of great fishing spots to explore, including the North and South Forks of the Shoshone River, and the secluded rivers and streams throughout Yellowstone National Park. Visit one of the many local fishing outfitters for
guides, maps, equipment, and angler advice.

For the Food & Drinks Lover

One great way to experience the fall flavors of Cody Yellowstone is through its Sippin’ Trail. It features some of the most popular bars and breweries in the area, as well as restaurants offering a delicious twist on taste.

Enjoy a freshly poured pint at Pat’s Brew House, Wyoming’s first all-women-owned and operated brewery. Dive into the world of craft beer at local favorite Cody Craft Brewing. Step back in time at Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel — the hotel, restaurant, and saloon founded by the legendary Buffalo Bill Cody. End your day’s adventures with an Agnes C’s Nightcap at The Cocktail Bar & Lounge at the Chamberlin Inn, which showcases live music on select nights throughout the season.

To get a complete list of all the Sippin’ Trail restaurants, bars, and breweries to sample, simply download the free app. Plus, if you make a purchase at any of the participating businesses, you’ll earn points towards exciting rewards such as commemorative t-shirts, pint glasses, and stickers.

For the Road Tripper

There’s something special about a fall road trip. The leaves are changing colors, the open road is inviting, and the possibilities are endless. Of course, this is especially true when you have the chance to experience “the most beautiful drive in America”— The Beartooth Highway — where amazing views, historic towns, and a summit of 10,947 feet await.

For the ultimate road trip, consider combining the Beartooth Pass with the East Yellowstone Loop, an unforgettable 224-mile route known for its abundant wildlife, astonishing rock formations, and recreational opportunities.

The Bighorn Basin Loop is another excellent road trip adventure here in Cody Yellowstone. The loop begins with a 30-mile trek through the broken range and badlands before arriving in historic Meeteetse. Stop for delicious sweets at the Meeteetse Chocolatier before exploring the region’s fascinating history at the Meeteetse Museums.

With so much to see and do in Cody Yellowstone this fall, are you ready to go on your own Wild West road trip? Visit or call 1-800-393-CODY to start planning.