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It’s been 33 years since actress Clara Peller asked innocently asked her two white-haired, burger-buying companions, “where’s the beef?” The question quickly became fodder for late-night comics, junior high jokesters and authors of advertising textbooks. In the first of a series of commercials, the incredulous threesome poked at a massive-but-empty-looking bun from a fictitious fast-food joint called “Home of the Big Bun.” The line, hilarious in its simplicity, came to mind the other day when I read about a USA Today contest to name the best bison burger in Wyoming.

Cody’s own Proud Cut Saloon & Steakhouse made the – um – “cut,” and now it is up to Proud Cut fans to cast their votes to give some national attention to a town favorite.

Where's the Beef? Right Here in Cody.

The cozy Proud Cut Saloon & Steakhouse offers “Kick-Ass Cowboy Cuisine” and ambiance to match the food.

Here’s how you can help. First, cast your online vote today. It’s easy, and you don’t even have to show your ID. Next, cast the same vote every day until Feb. 27 when the contest ends. And third, next time you’re in town, order up a Proud Cut Saloon & Steakhouse bison burger, and you’ll understand why the restaurant proudly calls its food “Kick-Ass Cowboy Cuisine.”

Where's the Beef? Right Here in Cody. 1

The restaurant’s walls are lined with photos of cowboys and rodeo performers.

Locals and visitors who prefer their buns to contain beef instead of bison will find plenty of other options in our little town. The same is true for diners who like their beef bun-free. We’re in cowboy country, after all.

Where's the Beef? Right Here in Cody. 2

Visitors and locals don’t have far to go to find the food they crave, whether it’s a burger, fudge or all of the above.

So stop what you are doing and give the Proud Cut your vote today and every day until Feb. 27. I know I will.

Where's the Beef? Right Here in Cody. 3

Don’t worry. The bison on your plate is farm-raised. Many visitors to Yellowstone Country are treated to sightings of wild bison roaming freely throughout Yellowstone National Park.

Until next time I’m buying more ketchup and loving life here in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country.