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White water rafting adventures

Get ready for the rumble and sudden rush and tumble of rapid action! White water rafting is the opportunity to experience Wyoming’s calm rivers as they become the ultimate source of adrenaline. Whether you’re looking for an “in-your-face, up-your-nose” whitewater adventure or gentle rapids the whole family can enjoy, river rafting in Cody truly does deliver.

Many experienced guides offer a variety of white water trips. There’s the traditional 12-person big boat, perfect for those being formally introduced to the full river experience. For outdoor enthusiasts looking for the full Monty, a 6-passenger sport rafting is the way to go, maximizing each and every rapid on the Shoshone River. A family-style rafting trip is also available for those looking for the gentler side of the river while taking in the unspoiled scenery, variety of wildlife and fauna.

Make white water rafting part of your summer vacation. What can be better than floating through canyons and past mountains, the hot sun shining down with the cool river flowing underneath and, of course, the thrill of running rapids? No summer is complete without at least one wild, wacky and wet ride!