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There are times I wish I could sit down and binge watch a series on Netflix, Prime, Hulu or whatever else is out there.

I’ve enjoyed watching episodes of many shows, and some appeal to my sometimes-warped sense of humor. Tony Soprano meeting a friend or rival in front of the Lou Costello Memorial statue made me laugh for days. Better Call Saul is full of subtle references that made me back up and play over because I knew I missed something and wanted to know what it was.

The statue of Lou Costello in Lou Costello Memorial Park.

There really is a Lou Costello Memorial Park.

The kids on Stranger Things remind me of my youth, and not just because the soundtrack features favorites like Madonna and Weird Al Yankovic. You know, the giants that were huge influences during my formative years.

The problem is I will start watching a show and something will happen that makes me turn off the television and head out the door. Halfway through an episode of Friends and I was on my way to Rawhide Coffee for a cup of joe. Same thing happened when I tried to watch Twin Peaks.

I loved Bill Bryson’s book A Walk in the Woods, but the movie, not so much. At least it made me grab my backpack and head to one of our hiking trails for the afternoon.

Game of Thrones? I get excited when winter is coming. It’s too bad they didn’t include snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes in the show. Maybe people would have been in better moods if they could have spent a day at Sleeping Giant Ski Area. It works for me. 

I did manage to get through a couple of old episodes of the Rifleman before heading over to the Cody Firearms Experience to work on my skills. When I explained what prompted my visit, they did remind me that spinning the rifle and shooting from the hip were not only unsafe, but inaccurate techniques.

Even Deadwood took some work for me to watch, and there were some great characters. Swearingen still cracks me up.

It’s all I can do to avoid Kevin Costner’s show Yellowstone. I’ve heard the title refers to a ranch and not the park, but still. Perhaps if I wait until there are multiple seasons out this is one I can actually binge.

And there are simply too many vampire and zombie movies and shows that just don’t hold my interest. Sorry, Buffy.

A still of Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson.

Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford are practically deities in my house for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but I fall asleep during Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson where Paul played none other than our town’s founder. Redford’s Jeremiah Johnson was pretty good, though. I did make a trip out to Old Trail Town to pay my respects to the real Jeremiah “Liver Eating” Johnston after watching that flick.

A photo of Jeremiah “Liver Eating” Johnston

And the real Jeremiah “Liver Eating” Johnston, who is buried at Old Trail Town.


A Promotional still from the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Corrie has a problem sitting down long enough to binge watch a show or even a movie.

If you want me to definitely sit through a complete show or movie, however, there’s one easy way to do it. Just put Sam Elliott in it. I will have no problem sitting through to the end of the credits.

Sam Elliot as The Stranger in The Big Lebowski

Although if you put this guy in it she will stay until the end of the credits.

Until next week, I am lovin’ life – and heading out to catch trout instead of watching A River Runs Through It – in Cody Yellowstone.