Meeteetse is one of the oldest settlements in Cody Yellowstone. The name is said to derive from an Indian phrase meaning “meeting place.” But another story says Meeteetse, literally translated, means “measured distance near and far.” What it means and what it has to do with the community remains unknown.

Meeteetse 1

There is no question that the area was frequented by the Indians. Many Indian-killed buffalo skulls, arrowheads, and even the remains of Sheepeater tepee poles have been found.

Meeteetse also was visited by the armed desperados of the past. The likes of Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and other “Hole-in-the-Wall” gang members undoubtedly strode down its boardwalks, and frequented the eating and drinking establishments there.

The town’s real importance is as a major ranching center. Once the largest town in Park County, Meeteetse has clung to its roots and today is just about as it was at the turn of the century.

Today you can experience the history of the area, including the mining ghost town of Kirwin, the Meeteetse Museums, wooden boardwalks and local characters who would be happy to share a tale or two. You will also find something very unexpected – a real working cowboy that makes the most decadent chocolate treats anywhere. Tim Kellogg is the Meeteetse Chocolatier and sells his luscious concoctions from his shop on Main street. Be sure to visit him.

How to Get There
Meeteetse is located 30 miles southeast of Cody on Wyoming Highway 120.

For more information visit:
Meeteetse Visitor Center