Outdoor Recreation

Buffalo Bill was one of the nation’s first outdoorsmen. This was his personal playground. Today, Cody continues to be a hub for all sorts of outdoor adventure. Everything from a hike through the breathtaking Absaroka Mountains to a mountain bike ride across “Twisted Sister”. Cast a fly in the Shoshone River, take on the cliffs of the North Absaroka Range for a little rock or ice climbing, or float the Shoshone River Canyon. There’s no shortage of outdoor fun and adventure in Buffalo Bill’s personal playground.

ATV/OHV/Jeep Excursions

The rugged land in Cody Yellowstone Country offers roads that will thrill any off road enthusiast.


Explore Cody and the area from the seat of a bike! Trail maps will guide you through spectacular country while the street maps will take you past historic buildings and the downtown area.


The area mountains, valleys and streams provide incredible camping opportunities.


Enjoy some of the most spectacular blue-ribbon trout stream fishing in North America. There are several local hunting outfitters that also offer guided fishing trips.


Here in Cody Yellowstone we enjoy our great outdoors and competitive spirits! There is no better way to spend a warm summer day than on any of our challenging golf courses.

Guides & Outfitters

Area outfitters provide high quality outdoor experiences. Their knowledge and expertise will enable you to have a successful hunting, fishing, camping, pack trip or trail ride.

Hiking, Trails, Parks and Pathways

Spend the day or several days exploring the trails and backcountry of the rugged northwest Wyoming landscape.

Horseback Trail Rides

No other mode of transportation is more authentic to Cody Yellowstone Country than astride a horse.

Ice Climbing

For the ultimate winter adrenaline rush, it doesn’t get much better than ice climbing in Cody Yellowstone. The altitude and geography around the Shoshone River, plus ideal melt-freezing temperatures for several months of the year, create the perfect playground for ice climbing enthusiasts.

Ice Fishing

An ice fishing vacation that can’t be beat will find you in Cody Yellowstone, with wonderful locations to reel in some trout and enjoy the spectacular scenery and peaceful solitude.

Powered Hang Gliding

Enjoy the breath-taking views surrounding Yellowstone National Park from an open cockpit!

River Float Trips, Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Experience the spectacular Shoshone River Canyon and its wildlife as you float through rapids and tranquil pools.


Feel the freedom of speeding across snowbound landscapes on a thrilling snowmobile adventure in Cody Yellowstone. With almost 7,000 square miles of unspoiled wilderness, and 60 miles of groomed runs, Park County is the perfect place to blaze your own trail.

Sport Shooting

Guns played an important role in the settling of the West and visitors and locals alike can hone their shooting skills in Cody Yellowstone Country.


Add a ZIP to your trip, it’ll be one exhilarating ride!