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Are you ready to embark on a wild adventure through Cody, Meeteetse, and Powell? Get ready to discover the hidden treasures of Cody Yellowstone with our exciting statue scavenger hunt “Bears in the Basin“!

Inspired by the majestic bears that roam our lands, this scavenger hunt will take you on a thrilling journey through our vibrant communities. Conceived as a celebration of our region’s rich wildlife heritage, these bear statues stand tall as symbols of our connection to nature and each other. Crafted by talented local artists, each bear tells a unique story and adds to the colorful tapestry of our towns.

Starting from Cody and stretching into the charming towns of Meeteetse and Powell, these bears are waiting to be discovered. But fear not, intrepid explorers! We’ve provided clues to guide you on your quest, ensuring an adventure filled with excitement and wonder.

Sign up for your complimentary scavenger pass below to win fantastic free prizes. Armed with your pass and the provided clues, set out to find the bear statues scattered across Cody, Meeteetse, and Powell. Snap a photo with each bear you find and share it on social media with #CodyYellowstone to join the community of fellow adventurers.

So gather your friends and family, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare for an unforgettable expedition into the heart of Cody Yellowstone. Let the hunt begin!

Prize Spotlight!

Bears in the Basin 10

Buffalo Bear Cody Patch

900 points

Bears in the Basin 12

Farmer Growl Patch

900 Points

Bears in the Basin 11

Amelia Bearhart Patch

900 points

Obtaining points:

Cody Bears are worth: 100 points each
Powell Bears are worth: 150 points each
Meeteetse Bears are worth: 225 points each

Get the Bears in the Basin Pass:

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Buffalo Bear Cody

Clue #1
Look in the plaza that will ring a bell
Next to legends that have stories to tell
Hint: Search around the downtown plaza

Clue #2
Luckily this bear won’t have too far to roam
To furnish his high-end mountain home
Hint: He has the perfect view of Gradient Mountain Sports

Clue #3

This bear loves candy along with his honey
Find him hidden up high where it’s not so sunny
Hint: He sometimes also stops next door to get some ice cream

Clue #4

This bear is riding his horse on 13th and Sheridan
So stop and say hi like a good samaritan
Hint: He hangs out here while he waits for Mrs. Bear Cody to get done shopping in Mountain Girl

Clue #5

This bear is easy to see
he’s next to the door designed like a tree
Hint: This building showcases Western craftsmen

Clue #6

Somewhere historic, where people perform
Find this bear at the entrance where ticket lines form
Hint: You might find the show that is played here to be “Spectacular”

Clue #7

There’s no point in wandering the city here senselessly
Look for the place where Buffalo Bill left his legacy
Hint: Look by the entrance of the hotel named after Buffalo Bill’s youngest daughter

Clue #8

In the garden, he sits, smelling the flowers
Here you can explore Cody’s heritage for hours
Hint: Look near the garden on the edge of downtown

Clue #9

Where the visitors come to meet
You’ll see Buffalo Bear Cody here to greet
Hint: This place used to be the old Buffalo Bill Museum

Bears in the Basin 6
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Clue #1
You’ve found where to start your Farmer Growl quest
Now follow the clues to find the rest
Hint: Look for the Courtyard with the old clock

Clue #2

Here, a large bear sits on the ground,
And behind him, is where Farmer Growl can be found
Hint: Look near Plaza Diane

Clue #3

Farmer Growl is the town’s favorite reporter
He writes his articles for Powell’s biggest supporter
Hint: He sometimes takes his break near the bench

Clue #4

After a hard day on the farm, sometimes it’s nice
To relax with some games, family, and a pizza slice
Hint: He also sometimes likes to pick up flowers for Mrs. Growl

Clue #5

Only this bear knows where he’s heading
Maybe try the building that’s all about homesteading
Hint: Find him by the main sign

Clue #6

“Welcome to Powell,” announces Farmer Growl
With a wave and a grin and no hint of a scowl
Hint: He often helps Visitors get information

Bears in the Basin 7
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Clue #1
Amelia Bearhart is set for adventure
You’ll find her close to where visitors enter
Hint: She has a nice spot to greet visitors from

Clue #2

Here the ferrets have befriended the bear
They play in the park with fresh mountain air
Hint: Her favorite hide-and-seek spot is behind a rock

Clue #3

Near the museum full of rich history to study
You’ll find Amelia Bearheart outside in a cubby
Hint: She sometimes stops next door to buy some chocolate

Clue #4

This bank was once robbed by outlaws of the West
Now it’s a nice spot for bears to rest
Hint: Look for the historic bank museum

Bears in the Basin 5
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