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Modern Wyoming is wildlife and wild lands. Located in the Rocky Mountain section of the western United States, Wyoming has the second highest mean elevation in the country (6,700 feet above sea level). The climate is semi-arid, but due to its elevation, Wyoming is also relatively cool.

Current Weather

Friday, September 17

clear-night 37°F Feels like 33°F Clear
5.14kph Wind - WSW
92% Humidity
10km Visibility

Today's Weather

Cody, Wyoming — local time

7 Day Forecast

Saturday, September 18 Clear throughout the day. clear-day 84 °F P.O.P: 2% Wind: SW 9.92kph Humidity: 92%
Sunday, September 19 Possible drizzle overnight. partly-cloudy-day 74 °F P.O.P: 36% Wind: WSW 9.88kph Humidity: 92%
Monday, September 20 Possible light rain in the morning. rain 58 °F P.O.P: 80% Wind: NNW 6.46kph Humidity: 92%
Tuesday, September 21 Clear throughout the day. clear-day 72 °F P.O.P: 5% Wind: SW 5.42kph Humidity: 92%
Wednesday, September 22 Windy in the afternoon and evening. wind 79 °F P.O.P: 2% Wind: SW 6.94kph Humidity: 92%
Thursday, September 23 Overcast throughout the day. cloudy 70 °F P.O.P: 0% Wind: W 7.05kph Humidity: 92%
Friday, September 24 Mostly cloudy throughout the day. partly-cloudy-day 70 °F P.O.P: 0% Wind: WSW 4.51kph Humidity: 92%


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