Scenic lake view of Cody/Yellowstone Country with rolling hills and mountains in the distance
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Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel

Address: 1192 Sheridan Ave
Phone Number: (307) 587-4221
The Irma Hotel has been a town institution since it first welcomed guests on November 1, 1902. Colonel William F. Cody named this Victorian-style hotel for his daughter, Irma, and today, you'll find it on the National Register of Historic Places. Throughout the years, The Irma has played host to royalty, political leaders, celebrities, and business magnates alike. Here, you can stay in beautifully renovated rooms that have housed some of the most famous personalities the world has ever known — or even spend the night in Buffalo Bill’s private suite. If you're feeling hungry, make your way to the dining room, where there are plenty of delicious meals on the menu. This is also where you can catch a glimpse of the hotel's priceless cherry wood bar — a gift from Queen Victoria to Buffalo Bill.
Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel
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