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Scenic lake view of Cody/Yellowstone Country with rolling hills and mountains in the distance
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Cody Craft Brewing

Address: 1732 Sheridan Ave
Phone Number: (307) 250-3748
Our beer is brewed onsite here in our taproom with one goal. Quality. This means we always use the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Cody Craft Brewing always looks to “keep it local” whenever we can, using locally grown or sourced ingredients in our brewing process. Quality is something we do not, nor ever will, compromise on. We don’t bring our beer in from other towns and claim it to be “from Cody”. Cody Craft Brewing is also all about having fun in the brewing process! We’ll try all sorts of new beers, new flavors, and are excited to share this with our friends and family. After all, brewing if just as much art as it is science. We have one of the best brewers out there today, and he takes great pride in sharing his art with our visitors!
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