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Grant Application, Sponsorship Request and Forms

FY2025 Grant Application, Grant Application Media Plan
Use this form to apply for marketing grants. Applicant must be non-profit, funds must be matched and used for marketing outside Park County. The Grant Application is due April 15, 2024 and in-person Grant Hearings will be held May 16, 2024.

FY2024 Request for Payment
Use this form to request reimbursement for funds awarded for FY2024. Request for Payments are accepted monthly.

FY2024 Event Sponsorship Request & Guidelines
Use this form to request sponsorship assistance for a specific community event. Applications are accepted monthly on a first come first served basis.

FY2024 Event Follow Up Form
This form must be returned to the Park County Travel Council if awarded any event funding assistance.

Park County Destination Development Grant Program
Application ends March 17th. Please return form to [email protected].