Ice Climbing

For the ultimate winter adrenaline rush, it doesn’t get much better than ice climbing in Cody Yellowstone. The altitude and geography around the Shoshone River, plus ideal melt-freezing temperatures for several months of the year, create the perfect playground for ice climbing enthusiasts. Ice season usually runs from November to early April, with the best and most consistent conditions from January through March.

For Beginners

While there are hazards and considerations you need to be aware of when ice climbing, it’s definitely an approachable sport for beginners with the right clothing, equipment, and instruction. If you’re interested in trying ice climbing, visit our friends at Wyoming Mountain Guides for expert help and everything you need to get out and explore. With a  focus on education and environmental stewardship, they’re committed to exploring the great outdoors in a safe, sustainable way.

For Seasoned Climbers

If you’ve been around the (ice) block, here are a few of our favorite climbs located along the South Fork of the Shoshone River:

  • Main Vein: 5-6 excellent pitches of beautiful WI3-4, 900 ft.
  • Stringer: WI3, 400 ft of great moderate climbing with a short approach.
  • Smoked Turkey: WI3-5, 300 ft with three pitches and a mild approach.
  • Broken Hearts: this multi-pitch WI5-6 climb is considered one of the best in North America.

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Ice Climbing

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