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Nestled in the heart of Cody Yellowstone, the Irma Hotel carries a unique charm and an intriguing history. Beyond its Wild West reputation, this iconic establishment is renowned for its paranormal residents — friendly ghosts that have become a part of the hotel’s legend. These ghostly guests are said to manifest their presence in subtle yet comforting ways, spicing up the Irma Hotel’s already intriguing collection of tales and adventures.

The Legacy and History of the Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming

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The Irma Hotel is one of the most recognizable buildings on Sheridan Ave. Most tourists and many locals stop at the remarkable 115-year-old hotel to watch the nightly Wild Bunch Gunfighters in the summer, enjoy the hotel’s famous prime rib dinner buffet, admire the room-long Cherrywood bar that was gifted to Buffalo Bill by England’s Queen Victoria and shop in the hotel’s excellent gift shop.

According to some believers, tourists and locals aren’t the only ones observing all the fun at the hotel that Buffalo Bill Cody built and named for his daughter Irma. The Irma Hotel, they say, is home to a couple of friendly ghosts who float through the halls, hang out in a few of the rooms, make mischief in the dining room, and float in and out of a photograph on the dining room wall. 

Who are the Friendly Ghosts of Irma Hotel?

The Cavalry Soldier

This spirited apparition, believed to be a former Confederate soldier, continues to bring a mischievous mood to the Irma Hotel. Hotel staff and visitors who have spotted this ghost report that he only shows the bottom half of his body, but that his cavalry uniform and sword are enough to identify him.

Where to Find Him

Room 35 has a spooky reputation, with guests who’ve spent the night here reporting faucets turning on and off, belongings mysteriously rearranged during the night, and artwork found on the floor in places where it couldn’t have simply fallen from the hooks.

Irma Cody Garlow

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The spirit of Irma Cody Garlow, the daughter of Buffalo Bill, is said to wander the halls of the eponymous hotel. The hospitable hostess allegedly enjoys visiting guests in her old room while sitting in her favorite spot; a rocking chair. The hotel staff likes to believe that she watches over the property, maintaining a connection to her family’s rich history in Cody, Wyoming.

Where to Find Her

Room 16, the former room of Irma Cody Garlow. Guests often report seeing a figure that matches the description of Irma sitting in the corner of the room. This is fitting, as Irma passed away in the hotel at the age of 35, just days after her husband, hotel manager Fred Garlow, died of pneumonia at the hotel.

Ghostly Figure in the Lobby Photo

A shadowy figure, shrouded in a haunting aura, was inadvertently captured in a photograph taken in the lobby of the Irma Hotel during the early 1900s. The enigmatic presence of this supernatural figure has become a part of the hotel’s enduring mystery, intriguing visitors and ghost enthusiasts alike.

Possibly Buffalo Bill Himself

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Perhaps the most amazing spirit to have been seen at the Irma Hotel is Buffalo Bill himself. Staff have reportedly seen the legendary founder of the town wandering the halls or enjoying a drink in the very bar he started, ensuring that his legacy lives on.

Other Hauntings of the Irma Hotel

The servers and other hotel staff have had strange encounters in the dining room. They’ve allegedly witnessed guests sitting and waiting to be served in the booths, only to find them vanished when they returned to the table to serve that guest.

Allegedly, the hallway that runs by the best room in the inn, The Colonel Cody Suite, is an active spot for ghost activity. Footsteps have been heard going up and down the hallway, but when people wake up and check the hallway, no one is around. Knocking on the hallway walls is also loud enough to wake guests up occasionally.

A Tradition of Friendly Ghosts in Cody Yellowstone 

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The Irma Hotel has been investigated by plenty of paranormal investigators, with reports of heightened paranormal energy and bizarre activity in Room 20, which happened to be the Colonel Cody Suite. Some employees claim to have spotted Buffalo Bill himself wandering the halls of the Irma Hotel during the early morning hours, with one staff member reporting hearing the unmistakable sound of spurs jingling in the bar despite no patrons being there.

While a bit of skepticism will always linger when it comes to stories of ghosts and apparitions, many are open to considering such possibilities, especially in a town as historic as Cody Yellowstone. But have no fear; even if the stories are real, and the spirits of yesteryear are still lingering at the Irma Hotel, their friendly nature should come as no surprise. This is, after all, Cody, Wyoming, where a tradition of warm hospitality has thrived for over a century.

Plan your Stay at the Haunted Irma Hotel Today

As the fall season paints Cody Yellowstone in breathtaking colors, there’s no better time to experience the charm and history of this legendary town. Whether you believe in ghosts or are simply looking for a welcoming getaway to the Wild West, Cody has something for every kind of traveler. Make your stay memorable by booking a few nights at the Irma Hotel, where even non-ghost guests are greeted with legendary Western Hospitality. Plan your visit today and get ready for a ghostly good time in Cody Yellowstone!